"Strobe" Scene 1: Muscle-Daddy Samuel Colt Fucks George Ce

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With his giant pecs peeking through his tank, Samuel Colt smiles at hunky George Ce-the club music drawing them closer as they finally kiss. George licks all over Samuel, dropping down as the stud's cock is released. George gets it slick, Samuel bending down for a kiss before cupping his balls for the sucker. Samuel feasts on George's chest before engulfing his massive cock, a thick uncut beauty that pops out of his jeans. Samuel instantly buries his mustache hairs to George's pubes. George lets out a moan, guiding the breathless sucker's head down in an impressive sequence. The two kiss, their cocks grazing and poking each other. Samuel eats his bud, then fucks him from behind-wrapping his arms around the bottom, who arches back for a kiss. Samuel gets on his back and opens his hole, grabbing hold of George's pec as he gets rammed deep. The two stroke out their loads, Samuel's thighs soaked as they share a kiss.