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Maverick Men

Maverick Men

Who are the Maverick Men? That's a question that is easy to answer once you've been to their site and had a look around. Basically, as I understand it, these two guys, Cole and Hunter, are a real life couple. They've been together some 12 years or so and they are still going strong. All well and good. So what's all the fuss about? Well, they started sharing their horny sex tapes on XTube some time back and started to get a really big following. This led to the idea of starting a website, which they did, and which they called Maverick Men. And what they do now is have sex with other guys, threesomes, duos, foursomes, and film them exclusively for their site. Anyone can apply to join the fun, so you get all kinds of amateur guys turning up and appearing as porn models, and you can apply to be such a model via a page on their site.

The neat thing about them is that they say they only have sex with other people on camera. That is; they don't play around unless it's caught on film and video for everyone to share. Both Cole and Hunter are tops, both 'alpha-male' tops, they say, which means that if you're going to join the fun you will need to be a willing bottom.

These two guys are in their, what? Thirties or maybe early forties, and the guys they tag team up with tend to be younger. When you click to their site you get to see pretty generous trailers for the videos. These also give you some of the set-up and behind the scenes moments, and you even get a choice of resolution to watch them in, which is pretty neat for a tour. You will see that the exclusive content is made up of hardcore shoots, some bareback and that there is plenty to view here. You also have a choice of viewing, with pay per view or a monthly membership; I've put the prices below. There are currently 72 scenes to catch in the member's area, and to looks like you get to rate them as you watch. And if you still want more reasons to take a look, then check out the Fan Zone where you can read some of the comments folk have already made about the pair and their site.

And if you want even more, then the latest news is that Maverick Men have published a book. “Maverick Men: The true story behind the videos” is the title to look out for. They not only describe their rise to fame via XTube and their own site, but also the hassles of being public porn people, some of the nasties that happened to them because of their porn, but also the hornier side of life. Promises to be a good read.

And one last thought: are Cole and Hunter their real names? That was a hard one to track down an answer to, but I couldn't help wondering if it is a joke on us. Swap the first letters of their names around and see what you get.

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